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Dos Rio Reiki by Yulius Eka Agung Seputra,ST,MSi

:: The Legend, the History, the Lineage
:: Preparing for the Attunement
Dos Rios Reiki Level I Instruction
:: Being Present for Your Life
:: Healing Yourself
:: Healing Others
:: Becoming a Healer, Part I
Dos Rios Reiki Level II Instruction
:: Being Present for Others
:: Using the Symbols
:: Healing Others at a Distance
:: Becoming a Healer, Part II
Dos Rios Reiki Master/Teacher Instruction
:: Being of Service to the Universe
:: Using the Master Symbol
:: Performing an Attunement
:: Performing a Distance Attunement
:: Becoming a Master
:: Becoming a Teacher
:: Transcending Space and Time
:: The Medicine Buddha
:: Tonglen Practice
:: Zhan Zhuang
:: The Bloodline

Reiki is the gentle, Japanese art of healing with chi, the mysterious and formless fire of life, an art with roots that go all the way back to the Medicine Buddha practices of ancient Tibet, and beyond.
Dos Rios Reiki, often referred to as "Cowboy Reiki," is one of the newer forms of Reiki, a gentle, non-invasive therapy that grew out our work with AIDS patients in the American Southwest.
The Dos Rios Reiki session takes place in a quiet, private setting. Approach it as you would any meditative experience, with an open heart, an open mind, and loose, comfortable clothing. You can remove your shoes, empty your pockets, or loosen your belt; whatever it takes to get as comfortable as possible. You will be lying face up on a massage table; the Dos Rios Reiki therapist will be positioned, for the most part, at your head. The session will last approximately 45 minutes.
Close your eyes. Relax. The Dos Rios Reiki energy will always go the area where it is most needed on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.
A few soft words and a gentle nudge will let you know that the session has ended. Take your time coming back. Allow your senses to adjust. Move around a bit, stretch a little, then slowly open your eyes. Allow your balance to return. Take your time sitting up. There is no need to hurry, no other place or time that you need to be in — allow yourself to enjoy being.
The Dos Rios Reiki energy, albeit subtle, tends to linger on for a bit; it isn't unusual for the clarity and peace you've just experienced to continue for hours, days, even weeks after the session.
| Basic Instruction
Every living creature is attuned to and filled with chi — you wouldn't be here if you weren't.
Because of this, you have the innate ability to heal.
To test this out, place your hands on your belly with the intent to heal yourself. Believe that the chi is flowing from your hands into your belly. Close your eyes. Breathe into your belly. Allow the chi to flow on its own. Don't try to force it, don't try to control it. Just let it flow of its own accord. If it helps, imagine the chi as blue tendrils of smoke-like energy. At some point, your hands will begin to get warm, and you will feel the chi begin to flow — it's that easy.
Attunements somehow unlock and increase our ability to access this universal, free-floating form of life energy.

| Attunement Sources
I received my Reiki Master/Teacher attunement from Cheryl Hamada, about a week after I turned 50, out in Santa Monica, California. I have received other attunements from other Masters along the way, but I always return to the things Cheryl taught me; I use her notes and her symbols in all my attunements.
At this point, you may decide that you want to be attuned from a distance, in the privacy of your heart. If that's the case, then Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. us with your name and general location, and we'll do a series of Dos Rios Reiki distance attunements.
Or, you may decide that you prefer to be attuned in person, by someone a little closer to home.

The Dos Rios Reiki Attunement
This process works for any level attunement — it all boils down to your intent.
1) Have the student sit down in a chair. Ask them to get comfortable, with their feet flat on the ground. Have them hold their hands at chest level in the gassho position. Let them know that during the process you will be holding their hands, moving them into other positions, and touching their shoulders. Ask them to close their eyes, to relax, and to breathe into their belly. Stand behind the student. Take a few moments to center and ground yourself. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground. Take a few deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax. Settle deep into your dantian, allowing it to become full.
2) Draw DAI-KO-MYO, then CHO-KU-REI, then SEI-HE-KI, then HON-SHA-ZE-SHO-NEN in the air in front of you.
3) Focus for a few moments on the level of attunement you are about to transmit, then say: This is the Dos Rios Reiki Level I, Level II, or Master/Teacher Attunement for [Student's First Name].
4) Make wide motions with both of your hands, as if parting the fog, as you visualize opening up and spreading apart the student's aura. Then make smaller motions, directly above the student's head, as you visualize opening up the Bai Hui point.
5) Draw DAI-KO-MYO over their Bai Hui point with your palm downwards. Breathe in, reach forward over their shoulders, wrap your hands around theirs — your hands will also be in the gassho position — then exhale gently into the top of their head as you visualize blowing DAI-KO-MYO into the Bai Hui point, thinking: Here, there is no gaining idea.
Repeat for CHO-KU-REI, thinking: Let the physical healing begin.
Repeat for SEI-HE-KI, thinking: Let the mental and emotional healing begin.
Repeat for HON-SHA-ZE-SHO-NEN, thinking: Let the spiritual healing begin.
6) Move around to the front of the student, and gently move their hands down and out, as if opening the pages of a book. Brace their hands with your left hand. Draw CHO-KU-REI over their palms with your palm. Breathe in, then gently tap their palms at the Lao Gong point with your fingertips four times. As you exhale gently, visualize blowing CHO-KU-REI into their Lao Gong points, thinking: Let the physical healing begin.
Repeat for SEI-HE-KI, thinking: Let the mental and emotional healing begin.
Repeat for HON-SHA-ZE-SHO-NEN, thinking: Let the spiritual healing begin.
Repeat for DAI-KO-MYO, thinking: Here, there is no gaining idea.
7) Take a deep breath. Take the student's hands and move them back into the gassho position at chest level. Breathe in, wrap your hands around theirs — your hands will be in the gassho position — and exhale gently starting at their feet and slowly working your way up to their heart. Visualize opening the channel from the Lao Gong points in the palms of their hands to the Bai Hui point at the top of their head.
8) Move around to the back of the student. Place your hands on the student's shoulders, thinking: This attunement transcend the traditional barriers of Space and Time. It extends forward in time, to the very end of time, as well as backwards, to the very beginning of time, so far back and so far forward that the two ends meet and join, forming an immense, translucent ring of white light that encircles the Universe, encompassing all Space and Time. Visualize this ring, thinking: [Student's First Name], my friend, you have always been attuned; you will always be attuned. This has always been so; it will always be so.
9) Make motions with your hands, as you visualize closing up their aura. Do not close the Bai Hui point.
10) Place your hands back on the student’s shoulders, and let the Reiki energy flow and flow, as you both become Reiki. Do this for a few minutes or so, experiencing the moment together. When it feels right, inform the student that the process is complete. Encourage them to sit still for a while before arising, to allow their senses and balance to return to normal.
11) Welcome the student to the family of Dos Rios Reiki Level I Practitioners, Level II Practitioners, or Master/Teachers.
12) Finish the procedure by drawing RAKU in the air in front of you, from their head, down along their spine, to the ground.

The Dos Rios Reiki Distance Attunement
1) Schedule the attunement for a specific date and time, and have the student prepare for the attunement by practicing social silence (speaking only when necessary), prayer, meditation and/or fasting.
2) When the time is right, perform the attunement as if the student were right in front of you, and when you get to the part where you and the student become Reiki, stay there — spend a good twenty minutes or so just getting lost in the moment.
Trust in the process

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